Why shooting is the primitive pleasure of soccer game

The left foot just needs to hold it gently, lift the knee, lift the ball up high, just like drawing an arch, and kick it at a fixed rhythm! Sakura’s monologue from a football master perfectly illustrates the shooting action. Football is such a magic, clearly very simple action, but it is always fascinating, as long as you hold the ball in your foot, you want to kick it all the time.

Early football games satisfied the basic desire of players – shooting. Whether it’s “Football” on Adali 2600 or Taito’s game of the same name, it’s just a simple way for players to find the feeling of shooting. Due to the limitation of expressiveness, players can only rely on whether the pixels flying in the air have crossed the “horizontal line” to judge whether to score or not, and the pleasure of scoring is flat. Both sides “pick up the ball” shooting is also very different from the significance of the usual competition. In addition to the limitation of 2D plane perspective, defense and other space-demanding actions are also difficult to show.

Although in today’s eyes, these games are very simple, but in fact, through the data, in that era when the game just awakened, to play football on TV and on the arcade is a very popular experience.


Desire is always one of the driving forces of human progress. After experiencing the joy of shooting, people are eager to fight, defend and kick in the game like real games. The evolution direction of soccer game also follows this expectation and begins to develop towards reality gradually.

Of course, not all soccer games have chosen to imitate the arena as their goal, and some deviating developers have made some interesting attempts, such as “Dream Soccer Original”. This is a game with football as the leading role. Players need to put “themselves” into the ball frame, but the jumping power of football is limited. You need to use the jumping power on your teammates to jump into the soccer frame. Although this design is interesting and has a good reviews, it still attracts only a few people and is in the consideration of revenue. Most developers still put their minds on traditional soccer games.


With the gradual enhancement of the platform performance, the performance of the soccer game is becoming more and more strong, the pixel villain gradually began to become a “complete” player, and the stadium has gradually improved. And the way of competition is not limited to the simple shooting score. Defense, stealing, running, more and more realistic actions are realized in the game, and the soccer game simulates the real game at a higher and higher level.

By the 2000s, the soccer game had broken away from the original shooting mode and had the rudiment of modern football game. First Touch Games’ Dream League Soccer, launched in 2017, has basically restored the main elements of the stadium. Of course, this is only the beginning. With the increasing attention of Dream League Soccer Cheats, the design template of soccer games is gradually beginning to approach the real football arena.