Township game: is it worth to play?

In terms of screen performance, although Township game has no gorgeous screen effect, the overall screen performance of the game is clean and simple under the relatively delicate and cartoon 2d rendering style. There are many different terrain environments and simple ecological changes in the game world, such as the jungle haunted by snakes and wild boars, the coast full of crabs and starfish, the northern cold zone haunted by bears, the desert area dominated by scorpions and badgers, etc., which are clearly and naturally displayed through 2D animation. Although the image and action modules of the game characters are simple, they also show a silly and simple energy, which is enough to make the players indulge in the colorful new world.

The Township game provides more detailed guidance tasks for novice players. In the early stage, for a long time, it clearly indicates the actions and plans that players should take in the next step – what equipment to build, what goods to produce, etc. in many simulation games, players will not have no goal or what to do. Completing the task of the system can obtain certain skill points, which can be used to unlock more advanced technology.


Of course, it’s hard-working hands that make you rich in Township game. If you want to make a difference in the new world, please start by picking up a thousand stones on the side of the road. In Township game, you need to accumulate a lot of repeated labor in exchange for technological progress. A stone axe you can pick up the branches and stones on the side of the road and quickly make them; an iron axe requires you to complete the process from mining, melting iron ore to making; and a steel axe requires an additional chemical laboratory to make flux. At the same time, various tools in the game have durability settings, but they do not provide repair functions. Once the durability is worn out, the items will disappear. You have to make a new tool.

Although the difficulty of resource collection in Township is not high, most of the basic resources are everywhere and the refresh speed is very fast, and the characters themselves also have the skill system that can improve the working efficiency, but the long-term repeated mechanical resource collection will still bring a sense of boredom and boredom. At the same time, people’s backpacks can’t be expanded and lack of vehicles to explore and travel all by their feet, which also increases the time of resource collection and consumption, making some players shout “liver pain”. So if you are in the same condition, you can try Township Cheats to reduce the resource collecting time.

As a multiplayer online game, Township requires players to play on various online servers. The servers are divided into many game modes. The archiving between different servers is not universal. At present, Township new map is still in the preemptive experience stage. However, in the latest update, the official added the support of Multiple language and the official server exclusive to the top players for the game, which largely solved the problem of language barrier and server connection that existed before.

Although I have not met many malicious attacks in the Township game, and even some strange players will offer help actively, but as Township is essentially a resource competition game, and many of the unique resources needed in the later stage of the game map have been controlled by powerful players, so it can be predicted that the players competing around the advanced resources will be the main players in the later stage of the game. After all, the lack of resources means backwardness, and backwardness will be beaten naturally.

As an independent simulation game, township has a good foundation for mobile games. Direct and clear mission guidance and easy to understand system can make players quickly integrate into the game world. At present, some content of the game is relatively scarce and lacks the challenges. At the same time, a large number of mechanical and repetitive resource collection work is easy to be tedious. Overall, Township is worth every player to have a try!