NBA 2k20 game play tips : How to set up your potential players in MC

In terms of movement cohesion and fluency, “NBA 2K20” has improved, although the range is not particularly large, but in some combinations, it can obviously feel less rigid, more “real” and look more natural. In addition, in some aspects of the mechanism, “NBA 2K20” has also changed, such as when the perfect shot, in addition to the side strength bar hints, foot will also generate a green aperture, regardless of enemy or myself. This makes it more convenient to judge whether to score or not, which is very suitable for my sometimes distracted “senior players”.

The heavy part of the latest version is on the MC (My career) side, especially the pinch part. Simply in terms of appearance, “NBA 2K20” still provides multiple parts and options, allowing players to adjust freely. From hair to chin, almost every part of the face can be adjusted, and troublesome players can use the preset template. The real change is reflected in the ability adjustment, which is quite different from the previous one. After pinching the appearance and choosing the location, you need to choose what you want from several preset “skill pie charts”. Skills are grouped into four categories: termination, shooting, organization, rebounding and defense. Each pie chart represents a combination of skills. Among these schemes, some are more balanced and some are more extreme. You can be an all-round player with both inside and outside abilities and both offensive and defensive abilities, or you can choose to be a “partial student” who is only good at outside.

After choosing the template for skill reservation, we need to set the physique. It’s also a preset template. You have to choose between strength, agility and springiness. Anyway, a circle is so big that one has more choices and the other has fewer choices. The choice of three attributes can make your partial choice more severe, which is equivalent to a wave of secondary reinforcement for the previous skills selection. After all, these attributes are closely related to various abilities.

Finally, allocate the potential value, which will determine the ultimate upper limit of each ability when you grade 99. Additional points are not free, (if you are in myteam mode, you need NBA 2k20 myteam locker codes ps4 to unlock more points) but the upper limit of capabilities is determined by integrating previous templates. Potential values are generally used to further strengthen their own strengths while slightly compensating for weaknesses. With the same arm length, height and weight settings as before, a complete player model is completed, which can be archived into the official game.

This template does not seem to have the freedom I imagined. After all, I can only choose one of several presuppositions, but after careful consideration, I understand the truth. These templates have made as many choices as possible when players can remain “normal”. If all the values are increased or decreased at will, there will inevitably be comic runners who run like snails and can’t hold the ball by hand. However, points beyond the normal potential may still require players to “work hard” or pay a little money, or perhaps their own liver.

Different ability values will determine the number of badges to be acquired, for example, the power forward I created with outside ability. Because of his excellent attacking ability both inside and outside, he has 20 and 21 badges in finishing and shooting respectively. But because this is a dedicated offensive, no defensive scorer, so in defense and rebounding, he has only one badge.

In addition, the dominant system of 2K19 has evolved, and players are now free to choose dominant skills. Of course, there are some limitations to this choice. For example, if you are a partial shooter, you can’t choose the dominant skills of the interior defensive type, such as “guard box elite”, because your ability value is not enough.

Overall, NBA 2k20 has a more fluid system of action, and AI has become smarter. At the same time, the new MC pinch mode can create more interesting players.