Fortnite : say goodbye to tactical and competitive playing way

At present, the homogenization of tactical and competitive mobile games on the market is very serious, they often can not jump out of the toxic circle, shooting, survival of these three key design, resulting in nothing new in the game. And Fortnite game, a brand-new tactical and competitive mobile game, adds destructive and construction methods to the traditional basis. Its game rules also change from killing others to surviving to the last, to collecting the number of star medals in a limited time.

In Fortnite mobile, all touchable objects in the game can be smashed with the hammer behind the character. Even if you accidentally hit the hillside or the ground with the hammer, there will be a square pit. No matter what material you smash, it will become the same material into the bag. After collecting a certain amount of material, players can use it to build new buildings.

In the ideal situation of no enemy around, you can use your imagination freely to build, as long as the material is sufficient, the construction of more than a dozen stories of high-rise buildings is not in the words. However, every battle in the game will have game time limitations and enemy intrusion, simple defensive fortifications are the most practical. In the event of a frontal conflict, a wall or a ladder may help you regain your momentum and win back.


The UI layout of the game battle interface is very concise and refreshing, and the commonly used function keys are very consistent with the players’operating habits. After you touch the weapon, no additional confirmation steps are required. When many props are gathered together, the confirmation interface will appear. The automatic running function can effectively reduce the player’s misoperation, just need to control the role’s turn. After opening this function, the automatic running button will appear on the top right of the virtual rocker. It can interrupt and interact at any time. It can be said that it is very convenient.

The menu bar at the bottom of the screen will collect the weapons and props you have collected. When you switch to the corresponding guns or props, it will adapt the corresponding features for you. For example, when equipped with a sniper gun, the game interface automatically adds a “mirror opening” button to the right side of the screen for you, while clearing the UI layout of the construction part to make the shooting experience more smooth. Of course, you can also try out special items in the game, believing that they can bring you surprises.

If you are a hard shooter, you can also use the auxiliary aiming function in the game to quickly start, but this function is not equivalent to self-aiming plug-in, will not let you a key lock, let alone let you fire beyond the range of the gun. In the time-limited mode, the “Red and Blue Rifle” model is sometimes introduced. When you’re tired of playing in the classic mode, it’s better to experience new and exciting ways to relieve stress in the time-limited mode.

“Survival” has always been the winning capital of tactical and competitive games, and will be ranked immediately after being defeated, while “Fortnite game” weakens the severe punishment of being defeated, even if defeated by the opponent, it can return to the battlefield again. However, in the process of collecting v bucks, once defeated by the enemy, 20% of the v bucks will be lost, so they can only be resurrected and re-collected in a limited time. Another effective way to get more free v bucks is to use a working fortnite v bucks generator.

In the medal area where medals can be automatically obtained, all players can observe the starlight airdrop, which contains a large number of medals and resources. There are plenty of resources in the center of tactical and competitive games. It has always been a place for military experts to compete, and the requirements for players’technology and luck are very strict. Proper allocation of resources, so that the game has a better viewing. If the Star Airdrop is placed in a random area, it is likely to lose the tension of fighting and gradually lose interest in the game.

Under the category of tactical competition, the “Fortnite Mobile” is bound to stand out from many homogeneous games with its distinctive “destruction and creation” play and novel game rules. Convenient operation keys and comfortable combat interface will bring you a completely different experience from the past.