All the truth you need to know for Tennis Clash game

The physical engine of Tennis Clash is very “magical”. If you haven’t played the same kind of games, you may not be able to adapt to it at first. I have seen many players playing Tennis Clash after adjusting the position with the direction key and not automatically returning to the right position. But in fact, these seemingly unfriendly designs are the core fun of such games. It’s the use of such a sensitive and magical physical engine that can make Tennis Clash become ghost, fun and exciting; it’s the design that the direction key can’t return to normal, which can make it possible for you to adjust your posture freely in the air. Fight with sensitive tennis players for wisdom and courage, and fight with the level that you don’t deserve your life. As long as you are willing to sink, you will soon experience the fun, and then indulge in the pleasure of brushing the level. Without these designs, the Tennis Clash will turn from a bowl of hot and sour soup to a glass of pale boiled water, which is not what I want.

But don’t worry, “Tennis Clash” will be more friendly to the novice. As the game goes on, the teaching mode will unlock more content and gradually teach players some advanced skills. I think it’s very good. Some places that I haven’t noticed before, through the official introduction, let me have a deeper understanding. So whether you are a novice or an old player, you can learn something from the teaching mode more or less.

Tennis Clash

As for the level design, Tennis Clash continues the high quality of the classic tennis series, but also integrates some new inspiration. For example, if there is a level on the plane, it will cause trouble to the players with instantaneous weightlessness. In addition, there are many places in the new work that need to be applied to the active tennis booster technique. Sometimes you even need to stop completely and wait until the mechanism is triggered before you can continue to move forward, otherwise you will push your tennis ball out of the bounder.

Compared with the level design, I am more impressed by the map design. This time, Tennis Clash scattered checkpoints around the world map, and designed different environments, themes and mechanisms according to different locations. For example, in Japan, you can experience the ancient Japanese architecture; in the Middle East, you can move around on the desert with gasoline barrels; in Los Angeles, you can experience the spooky Hollywood Universal Studios, and even use CGI special effects to simulate the scene of science fiction war, which is really cool! These imaginative map designs, together with the most powerful image expression of the series, undoubtedly achieve a great leap forward. However, we also need to notice that there are still some problems in game optimization. Occasionally, we don’t mention that the loading time of the level is too long, which affects the rhythm of the game. In addition, in the process of testing, I also encountered several times of stuck and forced retreat, such as when entering the map editor.

Tennis Clash strengthens many concepts of confrontation. Every time you enter a level, you will compete with several players of different levels, and they will appear on the arena in a shadow way. To be honest, as a player who just wants to brush the pass and doesn’t want to compete, I don’t like the design very much, especially the shadow players will disturb my attention and weaken my judgment on the arena. They may have been able to pass through the place, but because of their visual interference and errors. Although you can change the transparency of shadow players, unfortunately, you don’t seem to be able to completely shut them down. Because a newly added system is closely related to the existence of shadow players, that is, the contract system. This system can be regarded as an additional goal of each level, such as how many seconds to pass, how many times to pass, or how to defeat a certain level of shadow players. (PS: As I know, there are Tennis Clash cheats in the market can bypass this contract system.) After completing the contract, you can get more experience value, as well as other rewards, which is equivalent to adding some challenging goals to your brush off journey.

In addition, the regional “stadium finals” will be unlocked after the level reaches certain requirements. In this mode, you will compete with many other players on a standardized arena. This time, they are no longer shadows, but will actually appear next to you, and you can accurately judge their position. After several rounds of competition, the last two people will be left to fight for the final championship. After winning the championship, the game will unlock the next area and take you to explore a new map on another continent.

There is no doubt that “Tennis Clash” is the leader of the same type of games, whether it is audio-visual performance, map design or game content, are quite ambitious. Now turn around and play other Tennis games, and you’ll find it’s a little crude.