All the truth you need to know for Tennis Clash game

The physical engine of Tennis Clash is very “magical”. If you haven’t played the same kind of games, you may not be able to adapt to it at first. I have seen many players playing Tennis Clash after adjusting the position with the direction key and not automatically returning to the right position. But in fact, these seemingly unfriendly designs are the core fun of such games. It’s the use of such a sensitive and magical physical engine that can make Tennis Clash become ghost, fun and exciting; it’s the design that the direction key can’t return to normal, which can make it possible for you to adjust your posture freely in the air. Fight with sensitive tennis players for wisdom and courage, and fight with the level that you don’t deserve your life. As long as you are willing to sink, you will soon experience the fun, and then indulge in the pleasure of brushing the level. Without these designs, the Tennis Clash will turn from a bowl of hot and sour soup to a glass of pale boiled water, which is not what I want.

But don’t worry, “Tennis Clash” will be more friendly to the novice. As the game goes on, the teaching mode will unlock more content and gradually teach players some advanced skills. I think it’s very good. Some places that I haven’t noticed before, through the official introduction, let me have a deeper understanding. So whether you are a novice or an old player, you can learn something from the teaching mode more or less.

Tennis Clash

As for the level design, Tennis Clash continues the high quality of the classic tennis series, but also integrates some new inspiration. For example, if there is a level on the plane, it will cause trouble to the players with instantaneous weightlessness. In addition, there are many places in the new work that need to be applied to the active tennis booster technique. Sometimes you even need to stop completely and wait until the mechanism is triggered before you can continue to move forward, otherwise you will push your tennis ball out of the bounder.

Compared with the level design, I am more impressed by the map design. This time, Tennis Clash scattered checkpoints around the world map, and designed different environments, themes and mechanisms according to different locations. For example, in Japan, you can experience the ancient Japanese architecture; in the Middle East, you can move around on the desert with gasoline barrels; in Los Angeles, you can experience the spooky Hollywood Universal Studios, and even use CGI special effects to simulate the scene of science fiction war, which is really cool! These imaginative map designs, together with the most powerful image expression of the series, undoubtedly achieve a great leap forward. However, we also need to notice that there are still some problems in game optimization. Occasionally, we don’t mention that the loading time of the level is too long, which affects the rhythm of the game. In addition, in the process of testing, I also encountered several times of stuck and forced retreat, such as when entering the map editor.

Tennis Clash strengthens many concepts of confrontation. Every time you enter a level, you will compete with several players of different levels, and they will appear on the arena in a shadow way. To be honest, as a player who just wants to brush the pass and doesn’t want to compete, I don’t like the design very much, especially the shadow players will disturb my attention and weaken my judgment on the arena. They may have been able to pass through the place, but because of their visual interference and errors. Although you can change the transparency of shadow players, unfortunately, you don’t seem to be able to completely shut them down. Because a newly added system is closely related to the existence of shadow players, that is, the contract system. This system can be regarded as an additional goal of each level, such as how many seconds to pass, how many times to pass, or how to defeat a certain level of shadow players. (PS: As I know, there are Tennis Clash cheats in the market can bypass this contract system.) After completing the contract, you can get more experience value, as well as other rewards, which is equivalent to adding some challenging goals to your brush off journey.

In addition, the regional “stadium finals” will be unlocked after the level reaches certain requirements. In this mode, you will compete with many other players on a standardized arena. This time, they are no longer shadows, but will actually appear next to you, and you can accurately judge their position. After several rounds of competition, the last two people will be left to fight for the final championship. After winning the championship, the game will unlock the next area and take you to explore a new map on another continent.

There is no doubt that “Tennis Clash” is the leader of the same type of games, whether it is audio-visual performance, map design or game content, are quite ambitious. Now turn around and play other Tennis games, and you’ll find it’s a little crude.

Township game: is it worth to play?

In terms of screen performance, although Township game has no gorgeous screen effect, the overall screen performance of the game is clean and simple under the relatively delicate and cartoon 2d rendering style. There are many different terrain environments and simple ecological changes in the game world, such as the jungle haunted by snakes and wild boars, the coast full of crabs and starfish, the northern cold zone haunted by bears, the desert area dominated by scorpions and badgers, etc., which are clearly and naturally displayed through 2D animation. Although the image and action modules of the game characters are simple, they also show a silly and simple energy, which is enough to make the players indulge in the colorful new world.

The Township game provides more detailed guidance tasks for novice players. In the early stage, for a long time, it clearly indicates the actions and plans that players should take in the next step – what equipment to build, what goods to produce, etc. in many simulation games, players will not have no goal or what to do. Completing the task of the system can obtain certain skill points, which can be used to unlock more advanced technology.


Of course, it’s hard-working hands that make you rich in Township game. If you want to make a difference in the new world, please start by picking up a thousand stones on the side of the road. In Township game, you need to accumulate a lot of repeated labor in exchange for technological progress. A stone axe you can pick up the branches and stones on the side of the road and quickly make them; an iron axe requires you to complete the process from mining, melting iron ore to making; and a steel axe requires an additional chemical laboratory to make flux. At the same time, various tools in the game have durability settings, but they do not provide repair functions. Once the durability is worn out, the items will disappear. You have to make a new tool.

Although the difficulty of resource collection in Township is not high, most of the basic resources are everywhere and the refresh speed is very fast, and the characters themselves also have the skill system that can improve the working efficiency, but the long-term repeated mechanical resource collection will still bring a sense of boredom and boredom. At the same time, people’s backpacks can’t be expanded and lack of vehicles to explore and travel all by their feet, which also increases the time of resource collection and consumption, making some players shout “liver pain”. So if you are in the same condition, you can try Township Cheats to reduce the resource collecting time.

As a multiplayer online game, Township requires players to play on various online servers. The servers are divided into many game modes. The archiving between different servers is not universal. At present, Township new map is still in the preemptive experience stage. However, in the latest update, the official added the support of Multiple language and the official server exclusive to the top players for the game, which largely solved the problem of language barrier and server connection that existed before.

Although I have not met many malicious attacks in the Township game, and even some strange players will offer help actively, but as Township is essentially a resource competition game, and many of the unique resources needed in the later stage of the game map have been controlled by powerful players, so it can be predicted that the players competing around the advanced resources will be the main players in the later stage of the game. After all, the lack of resources means backwardness, and backwardness will be beaten naturally.

As an independent simulation game, township has a good foundation for mobile games. Direct and clear mission guidance and easy to understand system can make players quickly integrate into the game world. At present, some content of the game is relatively scarce and lacks the challenges. At the same time, a large number of mechanical and repetitive resource collection work is easy to be tedious. Overall, Township is worth every player to have a try!

NBA 2k20 game play tips : How to set up your potential players in MC

In terms of movement cohesion and fluency, “NBA 2K20” has improved, although the range is not particularly large, but in some combinations, it can obviously feel less rigid, more “real” and look more natural. In addition, in some aspects of the mechanism, “NBA 2K20” has also changed, such as when the perfect shot, in addition to the side strength bar hints, foot will also generate a green aperture, regardless of enemy or myself. This makes it more convenient to judge whether to score or not, which is very suitable for my sometimes distracted “senior players”.

The heavy part of the latest version is on the MC (My career) side, especially the pinch part. Simply in terms of appearance, “NBA 2K20” still provides multiple parts and options, allowing players to adjust freely. From hair to chin, almost every part of the face can be adjusted, and troublesome players can use the preset template. The real change is reflected in the ability adjustment, which is quite different from the previous one. After pinching the appearance and choosing the location, you need to choose what you want from several preset “skill pie charts”. Skills are grouped into four categories: termination, shooting, organization, rebounding and defense. Each pie chart represents a combination of skills. Among these schemes, some are more balanced and some are more extreme. You can be an all-round player with both inside and outside abilities and both offensive and defensive abilities, or you can choose to be a “partial student” who is only good at outside.

After choosing the template for skill reservation, we need to set the physique. It’s also a preset template. You have to choose between strength, agility and springiness. Anyway, a circle is so big that one has more choices and the other has fewer choices. The choice of three attributes can make your partial choice more severe, which is equivalent to a wave of secondary reinforcement for the previous skills selection. After all, these attributes are closely related to various abilities.

Finally, allocate the potential value, which will determine the ultimate upper limit of each ability when you grade 99. Additional points are not free, (if you are in myteam mode, you need NBA 2k20 myteam locker codes ps4 to unlock more points) but the upper limit of capabilities is determined by integrating previous templates. Potential values are generally used to further strengthen their own strengths while slightly compensating for weaknesses. With the same arm length, height and weight settings as before, a complete player model is completed, which can be archived into the official game.

This template does not seem to have the freedom I imagined. After all, I can only choose one of several presuppositions, but after careful consideration, I understand the truth. These templates have made as many choices as possible when players can remain “normal”. If all the values are increased or decreased at will, there will inevitably be comic runners who run like snails and can’t hold the ball by hand. However, points beyond the normal potential may still require players to “work hard” or pay a little money, or perhaps their own liver.

Different ability values will determine the number of badges to be acquired, for example, the power forward I created with outside ability. Because of his excellent attacking ability both inside and outside, he has 20 and 21 badges in finishing and shooting respectively. But because this is a dedicated offensive, no defensive scorer, so in defense and rebounding, he has only one badge.

In addition, the dominant system of 2K19 has evolved, and players are now free to choose dominant skills. Of course, there are some limitations to this choice. For example, if you are a partial shooter, you can’t choose the dominant skills of the interior defensive type, such as “guard box elite”, because your ability value is not enough.

Overall, NBA 2k20 has a more fluid system of action, and AI has become smarter. At the same time, the new MC pinch mode can create more interesting players.

Fortnite : say goodbye to tactical and competitive playing way

At present, the homogenization of tactical and competitive mobile games on the market is very serious, they often can not jump out of the toxic circle, shooting, survival of these three key design, resulting in nothing new in the game. And Fortnite game, a brand-new tactical and competitive mobile game, adds destructive and construction methods to the traditional basis. Its game rules also change from killing others to surviving to the last, to collecting the number of star medals in a limited time.

In Fortnite mobile, all touchable objects in the game can be smashed with the hammer behind the character. Even if you accidentally hit the hillside or the ground with the hammer, there will be a square pit. No matter what material you smash, it will become the same material into the bag. After collecting a certain amount of material, players can use it to build new buildings.

In the ideal situation of no enemy around, you can use your imagination freely to build, as long as the material is sufficient, the construction of more than a dozen stories of high-rise buildings is not in the words. However, every battle in the game will have game time limitations and enemy intrusion, simple defensive fortifications are the most practical. In the event of a frontal conflict, a wall or a ladder may help you regain your momentum and win back.


The UI layout of the game battle interface is very concise and refreshing, and the commonly used function keys are very consistent with the players’operating habits. After you touch the weapon, no additional confirmation steps are required. When many props are gathered together, the confirmation interface will appear. The automatic running function can effectively reduce the player’s misoperation, just need to control the role’s turn. After opening this function, the automatic running button will appear on the top right of the virtual rocker. It can interrupt and interact at any time. It can be said that it is very convenient.

The menu bar at the bottom of the screen will collect the weapons and props you have collected. When you switch to the corresponding guns or props, it will adapt the corresponding features for you. For example, when equipped with a sniper gun, the game interface automatically adds a “mirror opening” button to the right side of the screen for you, while clearing the UI layout of the construction part to make the shooting experience more smooth. Of course, you can also try out special items in the game, believing that they can bring you surprises.

If you are a hard shooter, you can also use the auxiliary aiming function in the game to quickly start, but this function is not equivalent to self-aiming plug-in, will not let you a key lock, let alone let you fire beyond the range of the gun. In the time-limited mode, the “Red and Blue Rifle” model is sometimes introduced. When you’re tired of playing in the classic mode, it’s better to experience new and exciting ways to relieve stress in the time-limited mode.

“Survival” has always been the winning capital of tactical and competitive games, and will be ranked immediately after being defeated, while “Fortnite game” weakens the severe punishment of being defeated, even if defeated by the opponent, it can return to the battlefield again. However, in the process of collecting v bucks, once defeated by the enemy, 20% of the v bucks will be lost, so they can only be resurrected and re-collected in a limited time. Another effective way to get more free v bucks is to use a working fortnite v bucks generator.

In the medal area where medals can be automatically obtained, all players can observe the starlight airdrop, which contains a large number of medals and resources. There are plenty of resources in the center of tactical and competitive games. It has always been a place for military experts to compete, and the requirements for players’technology and luck are very strict. Proper allocation of resources, so that the game has a better viewing. If the Star Airdrop is placed in a random area, it is likely to lose the tension of fighting and gradually lose interest in the game.

Under the category of tactical competition, the “Fortnite Mobile” is bound to stand out from many homogeneous games with its distinctive “destruction and creation” play and novel game rules. Convenient operation keys and comfortable combat interface will bring you a completely different experience from the past.

Why TikTok become popular less than a year

As an app in the short video field, TikTok app has not been long since it came out. There are naturally reasons why it can rush to the top of the short video field in just less than a year in China. After a short video experience for some time, I found that the product manager who made this product must be a very knowledgeable product and a very knowledgeable user psychology.

The reason why TikTok app can catch fire in a short period of time is that it is inseparable from its design and user experience. Some time ago, when I downloaded the TikTok, I found that there was a tremble that I could brush in bed for a long time, and I was happy to brush it. Although I know that it’s not good to brush and tremble for a long time, I just can’t get out of it by immersing myself in it.

Later, after analyzing the short video on TikTok, I found that the reason why the short video on TikTok app is attractive is that it has the following reasons.

First, music materials and video selection in TikTok app are more creative.

When we turn on the TikTok app and see some short videos, we will find that there are short videos of various subjects in the TikTok. Some people specialize in making short videos of piano playing or instrument playing, and then a good copy is a good short video. At the same time, many people have been making short videos in the vertical field, so they will attract a lot of fans in this way.

There is also a group of people who upload short videos of calligraphy on TikTok. Whether it’s pen or brush, they can show a paragraph on it and add a piece of music with great artistic conception. When you open this video, on the one hand, you can be attracted by their beautiful calligraphy, on the other hand, you will be brought into this artistic conception by the combination of music and calligraphy.

Of course, there are many people who shoot tourist materials in TikTok. Because many people often run around, they have a lot of opportunities to get in touch with nature. In the process of traveling, when they encounter some delicious, interesting and shocking scenes, they can record them on their mobile phone in time and arrange them into short videos. When these short videos are combined with luxury or aesthetic music, it makes a difference. Because many people have an idea of traveling to a distant place in their hearts, probably because of the pressure of survival or life, many people temporarily put this idea on the shelf. But the TikTok, many places they could not go to, finally someone can take pictures to show them. So many people can find poems and distant places without going further.

Of course, besides music, calligraphy and travel, there are many young people who will send their emotional life and feelings to TikTok in the form of short videos. Perhaps marriage and love will always have topics to talk about. In the emotional world, there may always be topics to talk about.

There are also quite a number of students in the school who play with TikTok. These students will also shoot some interactive topics between teachers and classmates. They will show their youth life vividly through short videos.

Secondly, TikTok has focusd on users’ needs and feelings.

When we open the TikTok app, we will find that most of the groups on the TikTok are young people. These young people use short videos to combine their real life, psychological status and emotional sustenance.

Nowadays, young people live in a society where material life is relatively abundant. Many young people will no longer worry too much about something on the biomass level. What’s more, many young people think about some spiritual issues, so poetry and distance have become a topic of discussion for many people.

However, in this materialistic society, many people will involuntarily fall into helplessness and confusion. At this time, the emergence of TikTok just provides them with a tool, they can express their helplessness and confusion in the form of text, image, sound and video. So when they mix these elements together, a short video app that records their real life just comes in handy.

Although TikTok encountered some problems in the previous period of time, because some of its authors sent some inappropriate videos and were audited, so this has caused some adverse effects in society. On the one hand, it has something to do with the lax auditing of TikTok. On the other hand, it is because some creators are too eager to make quick profits and not to love themselves. They want to be famous in this social app, so they are using TikTok fans generator to get free TikTok followers. Fortunately, the TikTok also acknowledged its mistakes in time and actively withdrew from a series of improvement measures.

Of course, as a kind of short video app which is still trying to make progress, it is normal for TikTok to encounter some problems in the process of development. After all, growth will make mistakes. The key is to correct mistakes in time.

At present, TikTok in the overall function design is still very good, I hope it will not make some mistakes against the positive energy of society in the future development, it can bring happiness to everyone at the same time, it can really bring some positive energy to society.

Why shooting is the primitive pleasure of soccer game

The left foot just needs to hold it gently, lift the knee, lift the ball up high, just like drawing an arch, and kick it at a fixed rhythm! Sakura’s monologue from a football master perfectly illustrates the shooting action. Football is such a magic, clearly very simple action, but it is always fascinating, as long as you hold the ball in your foot, you want to kick it all the time.

Early football games satisfied the basic desire of players – shooting. Whether it’s “Football” on Adali 2600 or Taito’s game of the same name, it’s just a simple way for players to find the feeling of shooting. Due to the limitation of expressiveness, players can only rely on whether the pixels flying in the air have crossed the “horizontal line” to judge whether to score or not, and the pleasure of scoring is flat. Both sides “pick up the ball” shooting is also very different from the significance of the usual competition. In addition to the limitation of 2D plane perspective, defense and other space-demanding actions are also difficult to show.

Although in today’s eyes, these games are very simple, but in fact, through the data, in that era when the game just awakened, to play football on TV and on the arcade is a very popular experience.


Desire is always one of the driving forces of human progress. After experiencing the joy of shooting, people are eager to fight, defend and kick in the game like real games. The evolution direction of soccer game also follows this expectation and begins to develop towards reality gradually.

Of course, not all soccer games have chosen to imitate the arena as their goal, and some deviating developers have made some interesting attempts, such as “Dream Soccer Original”. This is a game with football as the leading role. Players need to put “themselves” into the ball frame, but the jumping power of football is limited. You need to use the jumping power on your teammates to jump into the soccer frame. Although this design is interesting and has a good reviews, it still attracts only a few people and is in the consideration of revenue. Most developers still put their minds on traditional soccer games.


With the gradual enhancement of the platform performance, the performance of the soccer game is becoming more and more strong, the pixel villain gradually began to become a “complete” player, and the stadium has gradually improved. And the way of competition is not limited to the simple shooting score. Defense, stealing, running, more and more realistic actions are realized in the game, and the soccer game simulates the real game at a higher and higher level.

By the 2000s, the soccer game had broken away from the original shooting mode and had the rudiment of modern football game. First Touch Games’ Dream League Soccer, launched in 2017, has basically restored the main elements of the stadium. Of course, this is only the beginning. With the increasing attention of Dream League Soccer Cheats, the design template of soccer games is gradually beginning to approach the real football arena.

Will golf clash game beyond players’ expectation

Why golf clash can attract millions of players? One of the reason is the so-called “shelter technology-assisted targeting system”. This is also a close approach to the traditional RPG mobile game. When you press the V key to cut out the system menu, the time will be suspended, and the damage that hits all parts of the balls will be displayed intuitively on the screen. This also shows that in the previous work, the number still acts as a key factor, and there are still traces of turn system. In the past, the system used to be a feature, but in today’s fast-paced environment it is obviously not. As some players reflect, the existence of S.T.A.T.S. not only reduces the challenge, but also disrupts the rhythm of the game, which makes some of the thrilling parts seem lengthy and protracted, although Playdemic studios weakened the system in golf clash updates; in the latest Golf Clash, S.T.A.T.S. became a similar “bullet time” model, but related. Processing and adjusting are still unknown, and its positioning will also be related to the game experience of Golf Clash.

In new golf clash version, we see the regression of S.T.A.T.S. system, but its merits and demerits still need to be tested.

Here, I admits that some players will not 100% agreed with the game play system, but it has to be emphasized that the success or failure of golf clash lies in how to carry forward and abandon the “tradition”. Considering the consistent work cycle of Playdemic, we would like to know more: in more than three years of development, are designers aware of the challenges and ready to catch up with their competitors? Or will high-profile publications be deliberately overwritten or even deliberately concealed?

There is always such a saying among fans of Playdemic: “The only one who can defeat Playdemic is Playdemic itself.” Fortunately, at least in the information released by Golf Clash, the publisher has proved that it has made extraordinary efforts, in which people have seen the salute to the old works, the improvement of environmental effects, the introduction of mini-tournament systems, and the great settings of being able to modify balls and shots, but this is only part of it. With its slightly sour character model, controversial S.T.A.T.S. system (even can’t be beat by Golf Clash Cheats), and numerous complicated details, it also makes people start to think that in the carnival year of the next generation of game makers in 2017, Gold clash will actually face more severe challenges than before if it wants to achieve real fame and wealth.

I hope Playdemic has made a success of this and Golf Clash will be a successful one, which will not only be the best relief for players for many years, but also the beginning of a new era in the history of open world game development.